Breast Pump

1. Can this be plugged in 220v?

The rated voltage of our products is 110V. If you want to use the voltage of 220V, you need to use it with a voltage converter.Ā 

2. What does pressing the freestyle mode do?

Freestyle mode has 6 levels of suctions and 20 levels of cycles for the most comfortable setting.

3. For Double Breast Pump can you use just one pump instead of both all the time?

Absolutely! You can connect to one pump only or both two sides. All very simple!

4. Whatā€™s the difference between classic and premium package other than one coming with the freezer pack?

We offer Premium Pack and Classic Pack, Compared with the Classic Pack, Premium Pack is upgraded on the suction level and adds personal mode. It provide 136 suction modes for you to choose from.

Baby Food Processor

1. What is the diameter of the water tank? Want to know what size glass jars will fit to reheat baby food. Thank you!

The diameter of the water tank is about 2.8 inches and the diameter of the blender is about 4.1 inches. The glass jars with below 4 inches diameter will fit to reheat baby food.

2. Can you cook rice? What is the size of the steamer bowl?

Yes, you can use this food maker to cook rice, it can continue to heat for 25 minutes. The inner diameter of the steamer bowl is 3 inches and the height is 2 inches.Ā 

3. Can you reheat baby food in this machine? If so, can you place glass jars in it to reheat?

Yes, you could reheat baby food in this machine. It is also possible to place a glass tube for heating. The heating principle of this machine is to use the steam in the water tank for heating.

Baby Bottle Steam Sterilizer

1. Will it fit dr browns tall 8oz ?

Yes it can fit six 8oz bottles in one time.